KiteClump Puzzle

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KiteClump Puzzle

The pieces of this puzzle have “clumps” of 3 or 4 kite shapes hooked together.  The puzzle includes all 4 trikites (three kites hooked together) and all 10 possible tetrakites (four kites hooked together).  William Waite explored polyforms with kite shaped building blocks in the late 1990s, before realizing others had also explored this area.  He came to the conclusion that the 10 tetrakites could not form a good puzzle by themselves because he could not find a nicely shaped frame for them to fit into (at least by hand), and even if found it would be dastardly difficult.  Even with 10,005 different solutions, this puzzle is surprisingly difficult.  Since the pieces are engraved on only one side, there are two challenges.  The tougher challenge, for which there are 98 solutions, is to solve with only the engraved side up on all pieces.

  • red alder and black walnut wood
  • 14 pieces
  • 10,005 solutions
  • 5″ x 4″ (12cm x 10cm)
  • difficulty level:  7 out of 10



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Difficulty from 1 to 10


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