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William Waite has been designing and making puzzles since 1998.  With over 300 designs to his name, William continues to come up with ever new designs.  Originally a chemistry major, William later switched to music and painting, eventually earning a Doctorate degree in Music Composition.  While his mathematical training leads him to strive for the best version within certain mathematical parameters for any particular idea he is exploring, his training in the visual arts is key to designing the most beautiful puzzles that his imagination can conjure.

Puzzle Mist

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We all need to work our way through the foggy mists to solve life’s challenges, and at Puzzle Mist we make wooden brain-teaser puzzles that help people prepare the brain for those ventures.   The puzzles are carefully crafted with pieces made of solid wood, usually red alder and black walnut, from renewable resources within the USA.

William uses a laser to ensure that the puzzles are made with enough precision so that the pieces can fit in a multitude of different ways, only a small percentage of which will lead to solutions.  Occasionally family helps with shrink-wrapping and other small jobs, but the puzzles are all designed and made by William.

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