Triangle Tribulation Puzzle

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If you’re looking for a puzzle that rewards you often with solutions, this is the one!  There are only two basic shapes made of either two triangles or three triangles, so even the youngest kids (age 4 and up) can usually find a solution.  But there are 4 challenges on the back getting progressively more difficult and each has a multitude of solutions for never-ending fun.

Each piece is different.  Some have holes, some have mice, some have both and some have neither.  The 4 challenges are:

  1.  Make symmetric patterns with the mice showing (from 1 up to 6 mice) with no holes.
  2.  Make symmetric patterns of holes through both layers so that you can see the dark bottom tray (if the hole is just on the top layer that doesn’t count) .  All 6 mice must be face up, but hidden in the bottom layer.
  3.  Make symmetric patterns of both mice and holes at the same time.
  4.  Completely fill the tray with no holes and no mice showing.

Note that the orientation of the mice is inconsequential in making a symmetrical pattern, just pay attention to which triangle it is in.  Not every pattern you can imagine is possible, but to get you started there are 9 patterns shown on the back, giving just a few of the multitude of possible patterns you can make with this puzzle.  This is one of our most highly recommended puzzles for all ages.

  • red alder and black walnut wood
  • 12 pieces
  • never ending solutions
  • 4.5″ x 4″ (12cm x 10cm)
  • difficulty level:  ranging from 1 up to 7



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Difficulty from 1 to 10

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1 review for Triangle Tribulation Puzzle

  1. Julie

    Love this puzzle. bounus it easy to clean up by just putting the pieces in and many diffrent ways to try and do it.

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