Balloon Boggler Puzzle

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This puzzle has 10 different pieces which will fit into the tray in only one way.  What makes this puzzle special and highly recommended is that the pieces can also be used for multiple challenges outside the tray.  The directions are to arrange any number of pieces (from 1 to 10) so that there are no concave outer edges. In other words, no “bites” out of the outer edges, but nicely rounded edges all the way around.  Pictures show sample solutions for 4, 5, or 6 pieces.  The last picture shows the same 6 pieces not in a solution, but with 2 “bites” out of the outer edge.

You can select pieces as you go and stop at any point if you reach a solution figure.  There are many groups of pieces that can form a solution (sometimes more than one), and there are many groups that will not lead to a solution.  However, every set of 9 pieces (just take one different piece away each time) has at least one solution, which is one of the most difficult challenges for this puzzle.

Your task is to find as many solutions as you can for each number of pieces from 1 to 10.  When making figures outside the tray, the difficulty level of the puzzle ranges from 1 to 10, so this puzzle is good for all ages, 4 to adult.  The solution is engraved on the bottom so that you can put the pieces away.  The total number of solutions is unknown!

  • solid red alder and walnut wood
  • 10 pieces
  • 1 solution in the tray
  • hundreds of solutions outside the tray (if not thousands)
  • 4.5″ x 6″ (11cm x 15cm)
  • difficulty level:  10 (in the tray)



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Difficulty from 1 to 10


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