L-oquence Puzzle

$24.00 including sales tax

The puzzle name derives from the fact that the pieces of this puzzle are various “L” shapes. Because the pieces can be flipped upside down and turned in various ways, it has over 64,000 solutions, making it one of the easier puzzles offered for sale.  In fact, many 4-year-olds have solved it.  Adults seem to have a little more trouble, however, and it still makes a surprising challenge.  But it does reward you with solutions more often than most puzzles on this website, making it a pleasurable and elegant challenge for all ages.

  • black walnut and red alder wood
  • 9 double-sided pieces
  • 64,511 solutions
  • 4″ x 3.5″ (10 x 9 cm)  
  • difficulty level:  3 out of 10



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