Kitchen Ceiling Puzzle

$32.00 including sales tax

The holes make a multitude of different patterns!  Truly a never-ending puzzle challenge.


This puzzle has a complete set of 12 pieces within certain parameters.  The holes are in a checkerboard pattern as it comes, but might show up in many different patterns.  There are thousands of different possible patterns, see if you can find nicer symmetric patterns.  Ten patterns are shown on the back as challenges to get you started, arranged from easier to very difficult, then invent your own!

  • red alder or black walnut solid wood pieces
  • 12 pieces
  • 2,499,738 solutions (and still very tricky to find one!!)
  • 4″ x 4″ (10cm x 10cm)
  • ranging in difficulty from 6 to 10



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Difficulty from 1 to 10


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