Mouse and Swiss Cheese Puzzle

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This puzzle is designed to confound the solver from every angle.  The mouse comes in a hole at upper left, but can you rearrange the four pieces of cheese so that the mouse can fit down in the square tray with the cheese?

Filled with red herrings to lead you astray, this puzzle consistently resists efforts even to fit the 4 pieces of cheese in the square at all.  Please help the mouse get to his preferred spot: nestled in the Swiss cheese.

Based on a 6-piece puzzle by Vladimir Krasnoukhov and with roots going back to puzzles from over a century ago, this puzzle might be considered the culmination of a long line of previous puzzles.

This puzzle has the storage position engraved on the back, but does NOT come with the solution on the back!

  • walnut and red alder wood 
  • 5 pieces
  • 1 solution
  • 4″ x 4.5″ (10cm x 12cm)
  • difficulty level:  9 out of 10



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5 reviews for Mouse and Swiss Cheese Puzzle

  1. Ryan

    Took me around an hour or so to solve it, overall a great puzzle and a fun pass time.

  2. Cam

    Took me several hours but overall satisfying after I got it’

  3. Brooke

    I’ve been working on this for several days here and there and have yet to figure it out. I love a challenging puzzle, so I’m going to keep trying!

  4. Chels

    This puzzle was such a fun challenge! It is so beautifully made and took me a couple of hours to solve. I have it on my office desk and my customers love it too

  5. Julie

    A perfectly splendid puzzle. It’s darling with excellent quality. A treasure.

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