Nemmelgeb Murr

I have been fortunate enough to come in contact with an “informant” from Nemmelgeb Murr named Julinmbe.  Julinmbe reveals himself when and where he chooses, seemingly at whim, and communicates only what he is interested in communicating.  Sometimes I can get him to answer questions, and sometimes merely asking a question causes him to disappear. Therefore my knowledge of Nemmelgeb Murr is spotty and incomplete.
In the galaxy where Nemmelgeb Murr exists, special information must be earned–usually by solving a puzzle.  That means that my research has been greatly slowed, because I have often had to earn my knowledge by solving a puzzle!  In the spirit of Nemmelgeb Murr, many puzzles on this website will need to be solved before progressing further. 
Exactly how a culture can be based on puzzles is still somewhat ambiguous to me.