The StarsHeaven Puzzle

It ought to be simple to set the seven different pieces of this puzzle in the tray, and yet the picture shows a frequent problem.  The opening that is left in the tray demands a 60 piece while the piece you have left is a 90 piece!  Perfect for the coffee table, the StarsHeaven really "catches" people because it always seems so very close to being solved-- and yet people have worked on it for more than an hour and given up without solving it!

The StarsHeaven Puzzle

The puzzle has 18 solutions, but only 7 pieces.  The name StarsHeaven, if said quickly, also sounds like "Star Seven" so named for the 7 pieces that form into a star.  The seven all-different pieces are a Japanese selection of pieces.

Three of the pieces of this puzzle are shown below:

pieces of StarsHeaven

They are each made of three joined circles, one in 90, one in 60, and one in a combination of the two, 150 (90 + 60).  The other four pieces of the puzzle are tetramix pieces (see my article on Mixed Angle Puzzles for an explanation) which use a mixture of 90 and 60 angles.  It sounds complicated, but the pieces quickly and naturally fall into alignment as you place them--until you get to the last few pieces!


StarsHeaven Puzzle

  • Red alder and black walnut wood
  • 7 pieces
  • 4" x 4" (10cm x 9cm)
  • difficult **




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