The SquareQuorn Puzzle

This tiny puzzle consists of only 7 all different pieces which can fit in the tray in over 100 ways with a few holes between or around the pieces.


Most of the solutions are rather awkward arrangements of the holes, but on the back are 18 challenges for you to solve with symmetric arrangements of the holes.  There is also one solution given on the back so that you can always put the pieces away.


The pieces are what I believe to be the Japanese Selection of 7 of the 14 possible "tetra-tans" or pieces made of 4 isosceles right triangles (half of a square when cut diagonally in half).

These tiny puzzles are great for traveling!

Note: one of the pieces is missing from the picture above, so printing this page and trying to solve the puzzle won't work.

  • red alder wood and/or black walnut
  • 7 pieces
  • 2" x 2" (5cm x 5cm)
  • difficult **

SquareQuorn Puzzle



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