The PegTrap Puzzle

The pieces for this puzzle do not fill the tray completely, but leave six holes left over.  With over 800,000 solutions from just 9 pieces, it is fairly easy to find a solution like the one shown below.  But this solution has just a random pattern of holes.  The tougher challenge is to find a symmetric arrangement of the holes.  However, not all patterns of holes can be solved.  In fact most symmetric patterns that you can think of CANNOT be solved.  So your challenge is to find patterns that can be solved. 

The PegTrap puzzle has gotten rave reviews from puzzlers because of its multiple challenge levels.  This puzzle is really good for small children because they can find a solution without too much frustration.  It is an even better challenge for the parents who can try to find more difficult symmetric patterns.


  • black walnut and red alder wood
  • 9 double-sided pieces
  • 846,010 solutions
  • 4.8" x 4.3" (12 x 11 cm) across 
  • not too difficult * to find any solution
  • very difficult *** to find symmetrical solutions




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