The Optimal Tumble Puzzle            

This puzzle has twelve pieces which don't completely fill the tray.  This makes it one of the best puzzles on the site because the hole or holes left over can make many different shapes.  A few are shown on the back to get you started:

Perhaps the best hole is the star shape 
which looks like this in the solved puzzle.

This has a good variety of levels of difficulty.  The beginner can just try to fit all the pieces in with any random pattern of holes.  The more experienced solver can try to make various symmetric patterns.  The number of solutions is unknown, but there are certainly quite a few.  Send in your new solutions! 

This puzzle is highly recommended as one of the most fun puzzles on the entire site, good for the whole family!!

  • red alder and walnut wood
  • 12 pieces
  • many different solutions
  • 4" x 4" (9cm x 9cm)
  • difficult **

Optimal Tumble Puzzle



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