The Monoliths of Rtiydiuy

The culture of Rtiydiuy is based on puzzles, and in school "puzzle theory" is the central subject upon which all other subjects are based. The children are well-prepared for the ritual they will undertake to become an adult. Upon reaching puberty each child on Rtiydiuy undertakes the "Zhhhhlotl" or puzzle quest.

The Zhhhhlotl is a lonely journey through a purifying desert and into the jungle of the Jeggulek mountains. The first puzzle is to survive the journey (survival is considered the most important puzzle on Rtiydiuy, the one that needs to be continually solved). The second is to find the Puzzleglyph Monoliths (a series of puzzles help point the way). The third is to discover how to go about solving the Puzzle of the Monoliths, which is probably more difficult than the fourth problem: actually solving the puzzle.

Returning to the village with the single correct solution for the elders is cause for a huge celebration in which the initiate becomes an adult and has a long-awaited first taste of Eckleberry juice.


Monoliths of rtiydiuy


Now, for the first time, you can also have a chance to try this formidable puzzle.  The single solution is entirely logical and will take a good bit of work to find.  At least three people have independantly solved the puzzle, so it is possible!


You can buy the Puzzleglyph Monoliths as an artwork made of hand-made paper by visiting the Nemmelgeb Murr Import shop.

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But purchase is not necessary: a black and white version of the puzzle can be seen by clicking on Puzzleglyph Monoliths (54kb).  You can save it, print it out, and try to solve it at your leisure.  Good Puzzling! 



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