Zaqsecoomz are mazes built of space crystals.  To solve the maze, simply connect any corner crystal to its diagonally opposite corner crystal. 

1.  You can move from one crystal to an adjacent crystal only if the color across the black divide matches.

2.  Once you are on a crystal you may move to any other color on that crystal (each crystal has 2 or 3 colors on it). 


zaq.jpg (43254 bytes)


For instance, if you begin at the lower right corner, you can hop to either of the crystals to the left but not to the crystal above.   There are five colors in this maze: blue, green, blue-green, violet and golden brown. 

This one is a simplified two-dimensional version, but the mazes can get very complex.   Unfortunately space crystals disintegrate in the earth's atmosphere so we are unable to import any for sale.  Try this Zaqsecoomz maze first, then click for a hint if necessary.  Note that it is not an interactive applet, just a picture.

The answer can be found nearby on this website!


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