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Dinosaur Puzzle Jug Vessels

Dinosaur Plants Poem


Solve the Gsldkjch Maze and possibly win a prize!


Music Puzzles

Try our word puzzles with musical themes at the music puzzles page.


Try the Rug Puzzle.


Puzzling Puzzles

Do you have any information about this?   Domino   Is it a domino game or a puzzle?



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Announcing New Secret Opening Boxes

William Waite has designed some secret opening boxes which are currently under development.  These will be offered in limited editions, so if you want to be sure to hear about them when they are first offered, contact us at:  orders@puzzlemist.com     Don't miss out!


Culture Based on Puzzles

If you want to learn more about the puzzle-based culture of Nemmelgeb Murr, click on the picture below and actually visit Nemmelgeb Murr.  There are puzzles to try and articles about puzzle theory.  Welcome!

to Nemmelgeb Murr

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