Puzzle Links

3D Puzzles  pictures and plans to make wooden 3D puzzles
Aha! Puzzles  original creative puzzles with "Aha!" answers
All Jigsaw Puzzles  350+ popular and hard to find jigsaws in the UK
Antique Padlocks  collection of padlocks including trick locks
Bill Cutler Puzzles  wooden puzzles, especially complex burr puzzles
Brain Bashers  brain teasers and games
Brain Binders  folding paper puzzles to print out and solve
Cleverwood  quality wooden puzzle boxes and novelty items
Crafty Puzzles  wooden puzzles and teasers with unique designs
Cubic Dissection  quality wooden puzzles and custom ordering
Davans Puzzle Co  wooden puzzles of original design
Free Puzzles  1000+ puzzles, including Geometry, Logic, Math, etc.
Frik-N-Frak  various brain teaser puzzles and curiosities for sale
Gamepuzzles  Kadon's over 225 polyform puzzles and strategy games
Genel Collection  win a 3D collectible puzzle at puzzleman.com
GottaSolveIt  best Iphone puzzle apps and puzzle reviews
Highland Games  affordable wooden flexagons
Interlocking Puzzles  precision-made wooden puzzles in exotic forms
Jigsaw Puzzles  online Australian store for jigsaw puzzles and games
Just Puzzles  specializes in Rubik's Cube type puzzles and memorabilia
Klodshans Escher-Rubik's Page  Rubik's puzzles with Escher designs
Leonid Mochalov  original puzzle designs from this Russian puzzle creator
LiveCube  cube building blocks for prototype puzzle designing and building
Livewire  handmade wire puzzles, traditional and new designs
Maarten Net  online puzzles and pictures of his collection
Math Puzzle  polyforms, tilings, and new content every week
Mefferts Puzzles  official site for Uwe Meffert's puzzles and novelties
MGC Puzzles  custom hand-crafted wooden jigsaw puzzles
Mr. Puzzle  hand-crafted wooden mechanical puzzles
My Puzzle Collection puzzle reviews by Gabriel Fernandes
Pazuru Puzzles  high quality jigsaw puzzles from Japan
Peter Puzzles
  the Grabarchuk site for online puzzles and books
The Poly Pages  all kinds of polyform puzzles described
Primrose Puzzles  classic puzzles and a weekly puzzle competition
Puzzle Games  free online Brain, Block, Word, and Match puzzles
Puzzle Games Resources  directory of Puzzle Games related websites.
The Puzzle House  jigsaw puzzles, 3D puzzles and wooden puzzles
Puzzle Master  wire and wood brain teasers, jigsaws and chess sets
Puzzle Museum  catalog your collection & Berrocal pictures
Puzzle Paradise  interactive crossword puzzles, brainteasers and word games
PuzzlePicks  jigsaw puzzles, educational puzzles, wooden puzzles, games, toys
Puzzle University  puzzles, contests, and more
Puzzle World  great overview of puzzles, craftsmen, and designers
PuzzleBoxesUSA  focusing on new and vintage Japanese boxes
PuzzleBoxWorld  Japanese puzzle boxes and wooden Kumiki toys
Puzzlecraft  original puzzles, puzzle books and the Pentominus CD
Puzzles.com  center for puzzles, news, discussions, etc.
Puzzle Warehouse  paperboard and wooden jigsaw puzzles for sale
Puzz.com  IQ tests, puzzles, games, trivia & contests  
Quagmire Puzzle Boxes
  Original puzzle boxes by Randal Gatewood  
Rick Irby Puzzles
  hand-crafted wire puzzle sculptures
Sliding Block Puzzle  challenging interactive puzzle by Mike Henkes
Totally Tessellated  tilings and tessellations illustrated
Trevor Wood's page  puzzles and puzzle boxes
Wooden U Know  miniature block puzzles and puzzle boxes
Word Puzzles  two new "Enigma" puzzles every day
Zucca  Livio's sexehexes, xominoes and Zucca's puzzle

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