The KitchenFloor Puzzle

William Waite designed this puzzle based on the repetitive pattern from his kitchen floor linoleum.  The pattern is made from two basic shapes: a square and a flattened hexagon.  The 18 pieces of the puzzle are a complete selection of all the ways of combining four basic shapes within the pattern.  The shape of the puzzle leaves 9 empty holes which can be arranged in a multitude of patterns, including ones that are symmetrical in various ways:

KitchenFloor symmetry

The puzzle solution shown below is perfectly symmetrical (vertically, horizontally, and rotationally symmetrical).  There are 38 perfectly symmetrical arrangements of the holes for this puzzle (a few are engraved on the back).  Can you find all 38 and figure out why 2 of those have no solutions?


It is very difficult to find any solution, even though there are actually billions of solutions for this puzzle!  The multiple challenges of this puzzle make it the designer's personal favorite.

  • red alder and black walnut wood
  • 18 pieces
  • 5" x 4" (13cm x 10cm)
  • extremely difficult ****

KitchenFloor Puzzle



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