SomethingFishy Puzzle

  fishy puzzle  


The pieces of this puzzle are made of transparent colored plastic and are a complete "British selection" of "tetra-scales," that is, each piece is a different way of putting four "fish scales" together.  There is a nice play of light shining through the pieces;


pieces (3).jpg (9006 bytes)


The shape of the tray opening was selected because it gave a high number of solutions--176.  But that doesn't mean that the puzzle is easy to solve, since there are millions of ways not to do it correctly!  For an even tougher challenge, see if you can solve it so that none of the pieces are touching another piece of the same color.  How many ways are there to do this?  More than one!  The puzzle is about 5 inches across and comes boxed.

 SomethingFishy Puzzle



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