The EasterEgg Puzzle

The 8 pieces of this puzzle are called "pentahexes" as they are made from five hexagons each.  This puzzle has proven to be one of the most popular and absorbing because it is perpetually in a state of being "almost finished."  The tray is egg-shaped and has 221 solutions.  But that doesn't mean any of them are easy to find!

EasterEgg Puzzle

  • red alder and black walnut wood
  • 8 pieces
  • 221 solutions in the tray
  • 4.2"x 3.3" (11cm x 8cm)
  • difficult **

The puzzle also comes with many different symmetrical and animal shapes that can be made outside of the tray with the 8 pieces.  These include ducks and the "Easter bunnies" shown below.  That's why it's an "EasterEgg" puzzle (get it?).  A perfect Easter basket filler for children!

bunny sitting up        bunny

These pieces can also be used to solve "Interior Hole" problems.

EasterEgg Puzzle



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