The CelticCircle Puzzle

This Puzzle is based on a Celtic interlace knot design in circular form.  The pieces fit together in different ways and may make many different solutions--but we suspect that there is only one. Can you find alternate solutions?  

A few sample pieces are shown to the side. The solution is engraved on the bottom so that it can never be lost. This tray puzzle costs a bit more because it is larger than our typical size, more than 6" across. Made of red alder and walnut solid hardwood. Quite difficult, yet you can tell which pieces must fit against the edge, so not quite as difficult as it might seem at first.  There is some space between the light pieces through which you can see the dark walnut base below-- which makes for a very pleasing contrast of woods.


  • black walnut and red alder wood 
  • 23 pieces
  • 6" (16cm) across (larger than our typical size)
  • extremely difficult ****



The CelticCircle is 1 of 10 puzzle designs by William Waite based on Arabic and Celtic interlace patterns.  Watch for others to appear here at the Puzzle Mist Shop in the future.


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