Camera Conundrum
Interlocking Puzzle Box

The new award-winning CAMERA CONUNDRUM puzzle is now available in small quantities from Puzzle Mist.

It takes five moves to find and open the secret drawer inside the camera.  The moves cleverly mimic what you would normally do with a camera.  It took a lot of gluing and some very complex pieces to make this possible.

An interesting innovation for this puzzle is the fact that it is both a secret opening box and a seven-piece interlocking puzzle.  The first challenge is to find the secret drawer.  You can then insert something in the drawer and close it all up again without ever having removed a piece, or you can go further and take the puzzle entirely apart into its seven pieces.  The most difficult challenge is to then put these seven pieces back together into a camera.

The secret drawer open


Over 50 pieces of wood must be cut, carefully sized, and glued together to make the 7 pieces of the puzzle-- a very difficult and time-consuming process!


The Camera Conundrum Interlocking Puzzle Box

  • bubinga, rosewood, and birch burl
  • 7 pieces
  • about 5" x 3" x 4" 
  • very difficult ****

Camera Conundrum


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