Puzzles in Boxes

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barrel box

book box

house box

fish box

flower box

leaf box

orange box

cabbage box

hexagonal box

shoe box

domino box

piano box


After collecting both puzzles and small boxes for many years, in 1998 William Waite suddenly thought of the idea of designing puzzles and making them to fit the various boxes he had collected.  Ideally the puzzles would be inspired by the design, shape, and materials of the box.  Click on the small boxes above to see larger pictures of the puzzles inside the boxes.

More than 60 puzzles have been designed and made in the "Puzzles in Boxes" series so far.  Sorry, but the Puzzles in Boxes are one-of-a-kind and NOT FOR SALE.  You can see more of them, however, on William Waite's page at the Puzzle World web site.

Once there are more than a hundred good Puzzles in Boxes, we would like to produce a book that shows them and that gives plans (whenever appropriate) for making the puzzles.  If you would be interested in hearing about this book should it eventually come out, please contact us and we will let you know when it comes out.